Null Infinitude
Collab Poetry with emotionsforthepicking YAY!

shady disposition with a smile on my face
writing composition in this beautiful place

 My mind becomes a canvas as I lay back and dream 
my heart will be clam’rous with the first idea’s scream 

I stare up at the wall looking for a spark
stuck to fall into the wariness of dark 

your memory springs forth and I’m suddenly inspired 
for what it is worth, you are always what I desired

my pen flies on the pages starting my creation 
my jealousy now rages sealing our damnation

I have laid no claim yet I feel like you’re mine 
No remorse or shame in writing these rhymes 

the phrases become outlandish as the images grow
my hand standish as the momentum does slow

Drops falling from my eyes I drown the pen’s ink
Then I rip out the lines and continue to think.

Composing is tough because you’re stuck in my head
But I clear out the fuzz and allow light to shed. 

Within that clear moment I do then create
a piece of movement that feels like fate

(collaboration by emotionsforthepicking (regular) andnullinfinitude (italicized))